261 days Pinned Challenge

After the kids go to bed I find myself scanning through pinterest for several hours. The TV is on in the background, I’m curled up on my living room chair covered in a soft blanket with my ipad on my lap. I should be writing on my blog or being slightly more productive, maybe reading a book, but instead I find myself pinning craft projects and recipes that I may someday take on. I won’t lie. I have completed several of my pins, of which include easy crock pot recipes, kids crafts and all natural beauty tips. Most of them are successful with only a few being disappointing and sometimes painful ie: the make your own black head mask with unflavored gelatin. OUCH! I actually feel very accomplished when I do complete a pin. Almost productive. And it got me thinking.

I have so many things pinned that I have not attempted to utilize yet. And I know there are people out there who simply pin, get excited, and never visit that pin again. So I have decided to challenge myself by making, creating, or using one pin for every weekday in 2013. Here’s how it will work, aka here are my rules set by myself for myself:

1. I must make, create, use a pin each weekday of 2013 from the pinterest website starting January 1. I think I stated that above. I wanted to do one every day of 2013 but my husband reminded me that we have two kids and that I need to be a little realistic. Good point.
2. The pin can be a new pin or something I pinned a year ago. It has to be found on pinterest.
3. A picture must be posted along with a blog entry to prove the pin was used.
4. Pins can include anything, from making a muffin recipe to buying an outfit seen on pinterest. If you follow me you’ll find I pin recipes, craft ideas, kids stuff, beauty tips and holidays ideas. Either way, the pin has to be used in some way.
5. I can use my own pins. In other words, if I find an interesting website with a cool cleaning tip I can pin it and do it.

I think that just about covers it. Wish me luck and I hope I gather some followers on the way.


I’m loving this right now……Gwyneth Paltrow.

Yes, that’s what I said. And I know my husband is reading this thinking, awesome. But for some reason, lately I’ve been checking out stuff with her in it. I’ve never really been into her movies. In fact, I can’t really think of any movies that I’ve seen with her in it, with the exception of the one with Brad Pitt when her head is in the box. That one I remember, but really just that part. Gruesome right? No, I’ve never really been a fan but I recently purchased her new cookbook at Sam’s Club (20 bucks. $10 less than the cover price, nice!). My Father’s Daughter is a real down to earth cookbook with recipes that include gluten-free, low-fat, and alternative ingredients. I started paging through it in the store and found myself really relating to her writing about her family, kids, husband, the whole nine. Her recipes are accessible, passed down from family members and the images are striking. I always judge cookbooks on their pictures. You gotta have nice food images. So I bought it. Then I caught myself watching Glee that night with her guest starring. What is wrong with me?  In the meantime, here’s her recipe for roasted winter veggies with a subtle mustard sauce. I like this recipe as an alternative to my classic roasted veggies. I didn’t have any sweet potatoes so I used beets instead. I think they may have overpowered the carrots and parsnips. As Riley would say, everything was pinkalicious!

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I’m loving this right now…..The Nightly Ritual

Every night my husband and I indulge in greek yogurt. I know, I know, it’s not ice cream and it is fat free so what’s the indulgence? It’s creamy, thick and tastes awesome with toppings. Mine is on the left, Chobani fat-free plain yogurt mixed with 1 tsp. honey and topped with Kashi Golean Crisp with berries. His is on the right mixed with honey and topped with pineapple and shredded coconut.

I’m loving this right now…..Trader Joe’s Lemonade

When I was working at the bakery, Michele, my former boss, would make this crazy good lemonade using frozen Minute Maid concentrate, fresh ginger and sugar. I promise you, it was crazy good. But I got addicted to the Minute Maid lemonade without the added ginger and sugar and would drink it all the time. I started calling it crack and it has forever remained that in my house. I don’t drink it often, usually in the summer and that’s about it. But I could probably put down a 2 quart pitcher of it in one sitting. It’s that addictive. So during a visit to Trader Joe’s I spotted their version in the frozen section and grabbed a can. Let me tell you, this stuff is just as good, and, if I dare say, even better. It’s not as sweet as the Minute Maid brand and it has pulp, which normally I wouldn’t care about, but it make me feel like it might be fresh squeezed. Buy it, make it, drink it. It’s better than crack.

I’m loving this right now……Pear Salad.

After losing all the baby weight (and then some) from Riley, it was a bit of a shock to gain back 15 pounds in 5-1/2 months with baby #2. So I’ve been trying my best to eat right and choose wisely when it comes to food. But those sweets keep calling my name and all I want is pasta. So lately for lunch I’ve been making myself salads. But I really hate salads, at least those salads that have tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. Gross. Where’s the flavor and excitement in that? And I really don’t dig on tomatoes raw like that anyway. So I’ve been mixing it up with mixed greens; taking some ideas from restaurants I’ve been to and cooking shows I’ve seen. Here’s one of my favorites and its so easy to prepare.


2 to 3 cups organic mixed greens

1/2 ripe pear, cut into bite size pieces

1 to 2 Tbsp toasted pine nuts (to toast: put in pan over medium heat, toss till golden brown)

Pecorino Romano cheese

Lemon Vinegarette (1/4 cup fresh lemon juice, 1/2 cup olive oil, pinch of kosher salt and pepper to taste, whisk together)


Put mixed greens in a bowl. Top with pear and pine nuts and add 1 to 2 Tbsp vinegarette. Toss to coat. Using a vegetable peeler, shave Romano cheese onto salad. As much or as little as you like. Eat it out of the bowl.

I’m loving this right now…..Old Navy Yoga pants

I know this isn’t food related but I do have other things going on too, like a belly that’s slowly getting larger and larger. I’ll admit it, my jeans (especially my skinny jeans) no longer fit around my expanding booty so I’ve started wearing yoga pants, pretty much everywhere. I love em. By the end of my day, my belly seems bigger but no longer hurts from the constricting buttons and zippers of jeans. I love my yoga pants, and I can wear them after the baby too. How economical. Ps: they’re only $19.50.

I’m loving this right now……Greek Yogurt.

Since I’ve been pregnant this time around I’ve been eating just about everything I can get my hands on. And since I usually get heartburn afterwards I have to pick and choose my foods wisely, or suffer for it later. I usually end up suffering. But everyday without fail (usually after my gym workout) I gotta have a bowl of Greek yogurt with fruit and something crunchy on top. I never ate it before I was pregnant but it is so much better than plain yogurt. It’s thicker, richer, reminds me of whipped cream but without the calories. I get the Chobani brand of plain yogurt and top it with whatever fruit I have in the house, and maybe some granola or chopped nuts. So good, I promise you, and surprisingly without the pain of heartburn afterward and healthy too. Yay!

There's yogurt under there I promise you.